How Grant Management Software Can Increase Your Funding

If you are a foundation, university or institute or a city or state government that always needs to increase its funding then you should make sure that you are using state of the art grant management software.  This is because the more efficiently your grant administration process is run in one year, the more likely you are to receive larger granting the next year.

Impress With Your Efficiency and Organization

Grant management software makes you look more organized and efficient to your financial partners. They will see your automation as a way of being as economical as possible because you have streamlined the entire process from front-end to back-end.

It is also very easy for government agencies that might be dispersing money to see that you are being fair in the way that you accept submissions and proposals. Traditionally, applications are collected and reviewed by one or several people which can sometimes be a biased factor. With grant management software, the entire process becomes more like a submission to a blind jury.  The automation of the filling out of the proposals online and their eventual acceptance is completely handled by an online software management solution that is not subject to making mistakes or judgments.

Build Credibility With a Professional Process and Appearance

Yet another thing that is appreciated when you have a sophisticated cross-platform software program like this is the standardization of your process.  As you can easily configure how the site online looks and integrate any existing logos and branding, you will look truly professional to any philanthropists or federal agencies that contribute to your funding.

If you are providing a user-friendly grant application process the positive feedback usually gets back to the powers that be at some point. This is important to government organizations as they want to be seen as funding granting projects that actually do good and that do not get all snarled up in the typical red tape.  These grant software programs allow you to finesse the experience for the applicant so it is as easy and fast as possible. This automated, non-stressful, inexpensive approach brings your organization in favor with both your funding grantors and with those who would like to obtain a grant from you.

Automation is particularly in favor with the government at the moment because it eliminates unnecessary costs in terms of manpower, mailing and paper supplies. Furthermore if the public is pleased with you they will likely be pleased with the government that funds you as well which could possibly result in a vote cast in their direction down the line.

Get the Reports You Need to Support Your Claims in Minutes

One of the most impressive things about grant management or proposal management software is that it can help you get the money that you need by displaying the facts to pertinent parties or benefactors. That is because these types of programs are very good at generating reports that can show them the results of your efforts – who got a grant and when, the actual statistics about your disbursements and who is applying for them.

These reports can be generated within minutes and can be printed as a text report or visually as bar graphs or pie charts. You can print them in whatever way you think makes the most sense to whoever is going to read them.

Of course having reports that can demonstrate your progress can help you back up requests for even more funding. Having hard core evidence in their hands creates an obvious justification for government bodies and philanthropists to hand over even more funds in the future.

The point is to impress those who are funding your smoothly run, respected granting process and if you are able to demonstrate that the public is happy with your process you might even get funding to invest in additional automation tools to help you receive and disperse grants.  In fact implementing this type of tool into your process might cut costs and impress everyone so much that promotions and raises might be in order.