What Skills Do You Need to Manage Grant Management Software

Processing paper, mailing and managing old computer files with stacked ledger has been a curse to every large organization that is handing out granting and funding. Sometimes one state in an organization will be trying to administrate hundreds of grants and often forty or fifty of them at a time. It becomes a huge, expensive

Proposal Evaluation

How Grant Management Software Can Increase Your Funding

If you are a foundation, university or institute or a city or state government that always needs to increase its funding then you should make sure that you are using state of the art grant management software.  This is because the more efficiently your grant administration process is run in one year, the more likely

How Grant Management Software Can Assist Your Adjudication Process

Grant management software is invaluable when it comes to evaluating applications that are submitted en-masse or if you are an institution, school or agency that offers multiple grants, loans or awards. It can help keep your applicant’s submission in order and properly categorized. Functionality The best grant management software is fully customizable and allows you

Proposal Evaluation

How User-Friendly Grant Management Software Benefits Your Applicants

There is nothing that is better for any institution or organization’s reputation than to appear extremely user-friendly and organized and that is exactly what automating your grant proposal process can do for you.  Once you find the right grant management software to manage the application, disbursement and post-award follow-up processes you make life a lot

The Benefits of Grant Management Software for Any Funding Agency

If you give away money in your organization or agency, you need grant management software. You need it to organize and automate your ledger and files. It does not matter whether you are in the government, part of a university or research institution or part of a big business that annually gives grants to start-ups.

Tips for Managing Grant Proposal Systems

Are you a charitable organization, a foundation or a government agency or business body that must somehow organize, qualify (or disqualify) and process thousands or even tens of thousands of applications for grants a year? If so then you are definitely in need of software for managing grant proposals. You need to automate your entire

What to Look For In Grant Management Software

There are all kinds of grant management software out there on the market. Some of it is designed specifically for an “organization type” or  business model and have  just a few very focused and definite features. Other grant management software programs have so many features that it takes a couple of software engineers a couple

Just What Exactly is Grant Proposal Management Software?

Are you wondering – “What is grant proposal management software? Who buys it? Who needs to use it?” Grant proposal management software is created for state and city governments, charitable organization, arts funding groups and other organizations that give a LOT of money away. It is an in invaluable processing and evaluation tool to any