How User-Friendly Grant Management Software Benefits Your Applicants

There is nothing that is better for any institution or organization’s reputation than to appear extremely user-friendly and organized and that is exactly what automating your grant proposal process can do for you.  Once you find the right grant management software to manage the application, disbursement and post-award follow-up processes you make life a lot easier for everyone in your offices just simply because they are not constantly addressing the complaints, problems and questions posed by applicants.

Here is a breakdown of all the benefits to your applicants if you use grant management software –

They will be able to apply for a grant online. This saves them time, money, gas, ink and all sorts of costs so that even the poorest and newest of citizens are able to apply.

They can select from a drop down menu or list of grants. If you are a big university or government agency you can configure these software programs to categorize and list your deadlines and types of grants so that they can decide which one to apply for first.

Eligibility for funding or a grant can be determined with just a few clicks of the mouse. The applicant that is not certain for eligibility can have it determined by answering a few well placed questions.

They can save their application in progress in an archive online and then come back to it and work on it later. There is no need for someone applying for a grant to even own a computer as many of these systems allow applicants to create a file archive online right inside the system. This means that even people who do not own a computer can apply for the grant from an internet café or a computer in a public library.

Prompts guide your applicant through the application process. Questions, fields with suggestions and prompts help guide those applying so that they do not have to email your office or make unnecessary phone calls. It makes it difficult for the applicant to miss an online field while applying and therefore end up with an application that is disqualified because it is incomplete.

The applicant does not have to second-guess the expected length. Word count limits can be placed in fields so the individual cannot send you too much supporting material to read.

Check lists help your applicant keep the application complete. Before proceeding to different application sections in the online version of the application the applicant must check lists or he or she cannot proceed. This also prevents him or her from filling out an incomplete application.

The applicant is sent confirmation and follow up emails. After the grant application is submitted, the applicant is sent emails informing them of the results of decisions. The applicant also usually logs in online and can see the status of his or her application in the adjudication process.

Money is directly transferred into a bank account. After a grant application is approved as a yes then the requested funds can also be transferred automatically into a bank account.

Automating Your Granting Process Helps Your Public Image

In essence any big university, government agency or foundation that automates their process greatly enhances their images not only in the eyes of the public, who often see the computerized process as being easier, more efficient and blind to race, creed and color but also to your funding sources who appreciate that you are not wasting manpower and money on paper, envelopes, phone calls and sending out emails. In fact, becoming automated is one of the best ways for you to increase your funding from your sources the next year because you will have developed such a good reputation for using the money that was given you fairly, efficiently and wisely.