Perusing Approved Grant Proposal Samples : A Winning Strategy

Take advantage of modern technology:

Grant proposal samples are written every year.  In fact, most non-profit organizations owe their existence in one way or another to approved grants, and the continuous funding that they provide.  As we move forward into the digital age, an increasing proportion of our communication takes place online over the internet, as opposed to written letters passed back and forth.  Technology used for writing successful Grant Proposal Samples has developed as well, with most of the work being done these days through digital distribution of word processed applications and marketing information.

Turn any team member into a specialist:

Grant proposal samples are most often used by organizations when they are trying to have their own internal people write the applications.  Many non-profits used to hire outside talent to physically draft their proposals, but in today’s economy cannot justify the expense.  So, they use Grant Proposal Samples as templates off which to base their own original applications.  Grant Proposal Samples are extremely valuable to writers when used in this way, as they provide concrete examples of actual techniques and arguments that have worked to secure funding in the past.

Multiply your efforts through vastly improved processes:

Another benefit of using Grant Proposal Samples is that they help you to complete the work on time.  It is a curse of non-profits that sometimes their personnel are unable to move beyond the meeting and planning stage, and sometimes find themselves missing sensitive deadlines because of this tendency.  Grant Proposal Samples provide them enough extra material to work with that they can often complete the entire process from start to finish in-house.  Grant Proposal Samples just make the whole process easier and simpler to follow, from beginning to end.

Take advantage of a wide range of experience:

So, you’re probably convinced at this point that Grant Proposal Samples are a great idea, and that you probably have a lot of use for them.  The question then becomes: how do I find examples of these templates, and how can I judge if they are of good or poor quality?  Well, we’ve taken a look at a lot of the most popular sources for Grant Proposal Samples, and have found a few of them that we think would be excellent places for you to start your search:


This link is one of the most definitive guides available on the market.  It has the actual full text of over 35 different proposals, spread across all market types that received actual funding at various levels.  The prototypical manual for Grant Proposal Samples.

Kurzweil Educational Systems also offers you this grant template.  What is interesting here is that you can see some examples of higher level graphical design and data techniques being used within the Grant Proposal Samples itself.

Over at Grant Space, they take Grant Proposal Samples to a new level, by providing you a complete knowledgebase and work space that can help you build your complete grant request all the way from start to finish.

Utilize all the resources in your toolkit:

As you can see, there are plenty of resources out there for the astute grant writer to peruse.  By finding some quality examples of previously successful Grant Proposal Samples, they will likely be able to start from a solid foundation in terms of strategy, when it comes to actually drafting their own proposal.

Even if you are unable to find Grant Proposal Samples that correspond directly to your need or industry, you can still learn a lot from them.  If this is ever the case, try taking a look at Grant Proposal Samples that were accepted from related industries; hopefully that will give you enough basic information to begin.  If that doesn’t help, just try to draw successful elements from whichever Grant Proposal Samples you are able to find that are closest to the desired level of funding you are trying to apply for.