Sales Quoting Software: Aid Productivity & Efficiency

Sales Quoting Software helps organizations improve the productivity and efficiency of sales staff, monitors sales opportunities, manages pricing approvals and workflow besides improving the sale experience for customers.  They help create professional looking documents, facilitate better response time to customer enquiries and eliminate manual process like data capture. They can be used by a wide variety of industries like manufacturing, manufacturing support, Information Technology, Integration Service providers and the size of organizations using them can vary from small businesses that employ less than a hundred people to Fortune 1000 firms.

How it works

Sales Quoting Software performs the following tasks:

  • Aggregate information pertaining to customers, products, marketing information and pricing from disparate sources
  • Use the above information and facilitate submission of electronic quotes to customers
  • Integrate with accounting software and eliminate the need for manual capture of data
  • Facilitate direct order placement with vendors for procurement when quotes translate into orders from customers
  • Generate invoices electronically for submission to customers based on data already captured during quote submission and order receipt.

Why use it?

Sales Quoting Software helps:

  • Reduce turnaround time for quotes and proposal generation.
  • Increase efficiency and improves consistency making the sales force more professional and competitive.
  • Eliminate mistakes associated with manual data entry by integrating with other systems within the organization
  • Track pipeline of opportunities and sales force productivity

Who uses it?

This software can be used by various business entities including Value Added Resellers (VARs), Information Technology service providers, office products, irrigation equipment and industrial equipment. The customers of these products range from small businesses to Fortune 1000 corporations.

Leading Products

The table below provides a list of leading products, high level features and source of additional information in this space.

Product Name

Website (for additional information)

High Level Features

Integrates With

Typical Cost (USD)

Quosal Sell Sales automation and workflow support capabilities


User friendly web interface


Integrates price quotes with proposals that are in alignment with overall corporate branding

CRM Systems, Product Management Systems, Order Management Systems, Payment Systems


Available on Request
Quotewerks Supports price quotes containing itemized products and services


Large uptake from customers in IT Services, Manufacturing, Custom Integration and Security Integration industries


Enables electronic delivery of sales quotes and proposals to customers and prospects

Customer Information Systems, Order Management System, Invoicing System, Product Information Systems and Product Vendor Systems 199-399 depending on type of licensing
QuoteBuilder Supports in house sales staff, dealers and reseller relationships


Flexible web based solution that supports version control

Allows dealers to integrate with manufacturer’s pricing quotes


Integrates with Configurator modules to support complex pricing through configuration within the quoting process

Available on request
ChannelOnline Sales cycle automation solution targeted at resellers


Aggregates employee, customer, supplier, pricing and product content for better sales cycle management

Integrates with suppliers, carriers and third party service providers


Optional features include accounting integration (through QuickBooks connector) and shopping engine export

Available on request
QwikQuote Integrates Customer, Product and Price information from multiple source systems within the organization


Generates a quote and a proposal on the fly for a customer


Deliver proposals and quotes electronically to clients and schedule a sales activity

Contact Management and CRM Software, Accounting Software,  Invoicing Software and Customer Information Software Variable pricing starting at $203 depending on the number of users. Per user license fee reduces with the increase in the number of users
BigMachines Pricing and Quoting software allows consistent application of discounting and pricing rules, generates quotes and captures opportunity management Integrates with CRM applications, workflow systems to manage pricing approvals, Customer Information Systems and Proposal Management system Available on request