The Value of Grant Writing Software

Seize available revenue sources Grants can be a welcome source of revenue for organizations who meet the criteria, but writing an informed and compelling grant proposal can be difficult without time or experience in this technical skill. Grant Writing Software is available in many different forms to accommodate first time grant writers or organize information

Perusing Approved Grant Proposal Samples : A Winning Strategy

Take advantage of modern technology: Grant proposal samples are written every year.  In fact, most non-profit organizations owe their existence in one way or another to approved grants, and the continuous funding that they provide.  As we move forward into the digital age, an increasing proportion of our communication takes place online over the internet,

Effective Grant Writing

When you are looking to generate money for a project through obtaining a grant, there are ways to go about it that will make your proposal more effective giving you and your business a better chance of being awarded the grant.  If you follow a few simple steps you will give yourself an edge over

Grants—What are They Exactly?

Grants, grant proposals, and grant projects come in all sorts of types and varieties. Name a project or a research topic and there is likely a funding agency that makes grant awards for that type of project or research topic. However, in general, grants can be largely divided into two broad categories: General utility or

Grant Writing Process Misconceptions

The Research Phase Grant writing, just as any other professional activity, can be broken down into a series of phases or stages. Perhaps the most important phase in the grant writing process is the research phase where the background, research, and planning are undertaken. This particular phase can literally mean the difference between success and

7 Secrets to Writing Grants

The process of hunting for an appropriate grant program and then applying for it can be horribly frustrating. In addition to being potentially frustrating grant writing is almost always time-consuming as well. The success rate for grant applications can vary from state to state and from organization to organization. Some states experience an average of

Grant Funding Opportunites

There are countless opportunities for sourcing grants and a simple web-search will reveal many potential funding opportunities. However, in the field of education and research there are several institutions and awarding bodies that are excellent places for any applicant institution to begin their search for grant funding. Foundation Center Knowledge to build on (training) The

Are There Any Grants I Qualify for?

Do you qualify for a grant or a funding opportunity? The short answer is: Of Course! This acknowledgment makes your work during the grant writing process that much easier. Everyone potentially qualifies for some type of grant award as long as what you do or what you want to accomplish aligns with the mission and

How to Write a Grant Application

Some grant proposal guidelines follow boiler plate formats and use pre-generated forms which make completing the grant application somewhat easier in that it becomes an exercise (sort of) of filling in the blanks. As mentioned previously, almost every grant making body incorporates its own criteria into the grant proposal application. The sheer variety of formats