Are There Any Grants I Qualify for?

Do you qualify for a grant or a funding opportunity?

The short answer is: Of Course!

This acknowledgment makes your work during the grant writing process that much easier. Everyone potentially qualifies for some type of grant award as long as what you do or what you want to accomplish aligns with the mission and objectives of the funding agency and you follow the application instructions precisely.

It’s important to remember though that there are certain legal and regulatory matters that can impact grant qualification. One of the primary concerns is are you or your organization classified as a non-profit by the IRS.

The non-profit IRS classification is a 501(c) (3) which is a charitable organization, or alternatively, being classified as tax-exempt is also helpful, which can be a series of corporate classifications under the 501 (c) designation.

More on this information is available from the IRS Publications 526 and 527. Some funding agencies make grant awards in other cases but generally being a charitable organization or a tax exempt body is preferable.