The Benefits of Grant Management Software for Any Funding Agency

If you give away money in your organization or agency, you need grant management software. You need it to organize and automate your ledger and files. It does not matter whether you are in the government, part of a university or research institution or part of a big business that annually gives grants to start-ups. Having this type of software can help you streamline the application process not only for yourself, but also for the people applying for funding.

Here is a breakdown of all of the benefits to agencies and organizations using grant management software –

Branding your application materials is cheap and easy. You can easily brand your website with your logo and other materials and be set up and running much quicker than if you kept printing envelopes and applications with new information on it.

You can change and correct documents efficiently. If any aspect of your granting changes such as an amount or the name of a grant or the names of the sponsors, qualifications or rules it is as simple as a few clicks of a mouse to change it.

You can still send out applications in the mail if requested. If need be you can still print out applications or any other hard copies of information on hard copies and send them out to applicants that do not have computers.

Your program can be customized to be bilingual or multilingual. You can purchase grant management software that will automatically translate your formatted software into different languages so that indigenous people or people who live in a bilingual area (like New Orleans) are not exempt from applying.

You control the application process – not the applicant. You can use grant management systems to create a format of the application and guide the applicant through the process with fields and questions. This prevents the applicant from making mistakes or forgetting to include information.

Non-contenders can be weeded out early in the process. Applications that are missing information or do not meet basic requirements are automatically sent back to be redone by the applicant or you can use an incomplete application status as a way of disqualifying applicants. This is often a simple way to whittle down thousands of applications to hundreds if you are dealing with having to adjudicate massive amounts of grants to grant application.

No application is ever misplaced! Applications are never late or lost in the mail because confirmation emails are sent out to people who send them in electronically.

Report monitoring automatically follows up with applicants. The winners and losers of grants are immediately sent an email so that they are not resorting to phoning your office to find out the results of the adjudication.

Reminder emails keep winning applicants on track. Winners of grants are sent emails that remind them to submit progress reports, budgets and other information that might have been a requirement of receiving the grant.