Internal Technical Proposal Writing: A Guide and Template

The whole idea of technical proposal writing is to communicate facts, data and ideas as effectively as possible.  Effectively means that the reader will be able to understand.  Then this information is used to convince the audience to implement the proposal idea.

Many people think that “technical” writing is synonymous with “boring.”  However, this goes against the very principle of technical proposal writing.  If the proposal does not succeed in communicating an idea, then the proposal is meaningless.

Because technical proposal writing is all about communicating ideas, the most important aspect to the proposal will be a clear template in which one can organize ideas.  Each part of the proposal should be to the point and reference what was just mentioned as well as allude to the part to come.

Considerations: Audience

Before embarking on technical proposal writing, it is important to consider the audience.  One should first ask what the involvement of the audience is.  For example, if the technical proposal writing is in relation to some problem, the audience may not even be aware that there is a problem.  First, the proposal must address the problem before addressing the solution.

Next, technical proposal writing should consider the audience’s knowledge.  Always make sure that you are using terms that the audience will understand.  If concepts are very complex, then make sure to define them.

Finally, technical proposal writing should always consider how much authority the audience actually has.  In many cases, your proposal first goes to a lower-level employee before being passed onto a higher authority for approval.

Organizing for Technical Proposal Writing

It is important that you break technical proposal writing down into parts, which are easy to understand.  Here are the basic parts for a technical proposal:

1. The Problem

  • Explain what the problem is in a clear manner. Keep in mind that what may be a problem to some isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone.  Consider whether your audience will find the issue a problem.
  • Explain what is causing the problem.

2. The Solution

  • This part of the technical proposal writing should give details of the solution.
  • Discuss how the solution will be beneficial.  Again, pay attention to your audience when writing about benefits.
  • Make sure that your technical proposal writing addresses the specific ways in which the solution will solve the specific problem.

3. Plan

  • This part of the technical proposal writing is where you get the audience’s support.  Make sure to discuss who will be involved in implementing the solution.
  • Give a schedule for when the problem’s solution will be implemented.

Designing a Technical Proposal

Technical proposal writing should always begin with an introduction.  The intro will go over the entire proposal in brief, touch on the problem, solution, and plan to implement the solution.

Formal technical proposal writing should have a title page, table of contents, introduction, content body and summary.  It is a good idea to use clear graphs and other visual aids in your technical proposal writing to make your ideas as clear as possible.