GSA Proposal Software – Do it Right the First Time

Organizations that intend to pursue business opportunities with the US government will need to write a government contract proposal that conforms to the requirements laid out by GSA (General Services Administration). When submitting a proposal, it is critical to adhere to the format requirements and supply the information sought. These requirements are spelled out in detail in the GSA requirements and instructions.

Why use GSA Proposal Software

GSA Proposal Software helps organizations create proposals that:

  • Are in conformance with the GSA guidelines and instructions
  • Are easy to create using reusable components and wizards
  • Start with pre designed templates
  • Are built with sections that can be reused in future

How is the GSA Proposal structured?

The GSA proposal would also resemble a normal business proposal that is submitted a private enterprise and has the following structure:

  • The bidding firm’s credentials – this section is used to introduce the firm, its office locations, ownership structure and financials.
  • Understanding of client’s requirements – this section should be used to demonstrate the understanding of what the client intends to accomplish.
  • Description of the services offered – details of what the firm offers should be detailed out here along with the pricing details, delivery schedule and scope of services
  • The bidding firm’s differentiators to highlight why they are best suited to provide the services – this section should be used to describe how the bidding firm is different from its competitors and what services are unique.
  • Other Sections – This should be used to describe any past work done in the related field, client references, certifications that the firm possesses in niche areas, description of personnel, Quality Control processes and Insurance among others.

The role of GSA Proposal Software

The GSA requirements are stringent and entail strict adherence to the formats, structure and timelines. The GSA Proposal Software provides standard templates to complete each section of the proposal, some sample proposals and automation tools that help put together the proposal quickly and efficiently while adhering to the requirements spelt out.

Products available

The table below provides a list of firms that offer their services/products, the high level features and functions offered and the source of information for additional details:

Product Name

Website (for additional information)

High Level Features

Typical Cost (USD)








TurboGSA Virtual GSA Workshop Simplified GSA Schedule preparation with assistance from trained consultants


Web based training /virtual meetings/teleconference to assist clients by providing checklists, advice, templates and guidance  to prepare proposals

Available on request
GSA Proposal Help Provides a variety of services ranging from writing proposals end to end, review of proposals, Do It Yourself GSA Proposal Assistance $ 6000 for proposal writing; $650 for review of proposal
Offline Service offered Services are offered through experienced consultants. Firms bidding for Federal government contracts can “outsource” this work and focus on their business

Unlimited phone and email consultations

Devoid of automation

$2995 to $ 3995 depending on the class of services for new proposals.

$ 500 for review of proposals created by firms themselves.  Discounts available for veteran owned businesses Three options are available:

  1. GSA Schedule Proposal Templates – help firms develop the proposals themselves
  2. Proposal Preparation Express – Proposal preparation and guidance through personalized service
  3. Turn-key full service proposal development, Submission, Negotiation, Award, Marketing and Training Package
Information available on request for various services



Organizations can seek expert advice from service providers to ensure that they submit documentation as a part of the procurement process that is in line with the requirements of the Federal and State governments. To get empanelled as a service provider can be a time consuming process. Hence organizations can focus on running their businesses and entrust this task to professionals who can perform this job to their satisfaction. When evaluating the service providers, organizations should keep in mind their own internal capabilities and decide between a full service provider versus using templates to create the proposals themselves and getting it reviewed by professionals. The tradeoff would be between cost and time spent versus expertise.