What's the Most Important Think to Know About Writing Winning Proposals?

The single most important element of a winning proposal is a clear set of direct benefits the customer will receive by selecting you. Nothing is more important than that. Your proposal will win or lose on that alone. You must remember this crucial fact: From the customer’s perspective, most firms in a given competitive procurement

How Does the Customer Evaluate Proposals?

It’s impossible to give a description of how each evaluation process works; every firm and agency that evaluates proposals has its own way of doing it. But it is possible-and very useful-to explain a few things about proposal evaluation in general. For any given procurement, the customer receives a pile of proposals in response to

Getting the Most from a Debriefing (powerpoint presentation)


Presentations: Demotional and Promotional Strategies


The Psychology of Audience Appeal

It is important to know how to appeal to your proposal audience in order to win their business. You need to know their “hot buttons” and include them in your proposal. To learn more about how to create audience appeal, click on the link below. http://www.smps.org/mrc/articles-html/psychologyaudienceappeal.htm

Proposal Presentation: Tips for Managing a Q&A Session

Handling the question and answer portion after presenting your proposal is a crucial step in the process. The article below contains some helpful tips for handling the Q&A session. http://www.speakoutchallenge.com/downloads/Top_10_Tips_for_Q&As.pdf

Planning the Oral Presentation Strategy

After writing your proposal, in some cases you will need to present your proposal orally.  The following article lists some oral presentation tips: http://www.wittcom.com/how_to_plan_an_oral_proposal.htm

Proposal Presentation – Visual Aid Tips

After a proposal is written, it’s time to present the proposal. When presenting your proposal it is important to know how to use your visual aids properly. Some aids can be a distraction rather than an aid.  To learn some tips and tricks for using visual aides for your proposal presentation, click on the link

Proposal Paradoxes


Art of Writing a Successful Proposal (powerpoint presentation)

To watch a powerpoint presentation from the small business adminstration for how to write a proposal that wins, click on the link below: http://www.sba.gov/GC/conf/presentations/writing.ppt

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